Holistic athlete development

"Up-levelling footballers"

the team

Co-owner & Director of Strength & Fitness, Brad Jenkinson has an abundance of knowledge in the health & fitness industry. Previously working as a Strength & Conditioning coach at Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club, Fitness Educator where he has delivered courses to a number of AFL players, Corporate Health Trainer, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor.

Brad’s wife and co-owner Katrina, has always had a passion for balanced health & nutrition. As such Kat is currently furthering her knowledge in this field after leaving her nursing career. Katrina complements all services we offer with sound nutritional advice, while consulting with individual needs.

Holistic Athlete Development (HAD) benefits football (AFL) teams and players by giving them the best chance to succeed.


Why we do what we do?

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How we do it?

Through performance coaching and mentoring of high level players.


What products/services we sell?

An invite only service to work with us so you can up-level your on field performance



  1. ACCOUNTABLE - We only work with accountable individuals and teams who are responsible for their own actions.... and therefore results.

  2. HONEST - We are honest, working within the realms of our knowledge and experience so we demand our clients are honest with us in return.

  3. VALUE - Value yourself, others and the resources you have to help you grow.

  4. RESILIENCE - Things will stand in your way, test you and knock you down. From here you have 2 choices. Our clients don’t choose the lay down option.

  5. LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR - A pre requisite when you come to work with us.