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In loving memory of our beautiful son,  Hamish Patrick Jenkinson.


On February 4th 2015 our whole world changed in an incredibly positive way when we welcomed our son and first child Hamish Patrick Jenkinson into the world. After a tumultuous pregnancy it was with great relief that my wife and I could be privileged enough to be parents. Hamish would be rushed straight to Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) where he would undergo surgery in an attempt to fix his bowels that were not functioning correctly due to multiple blockages. It was here that we met an incredible team of Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses and Pastoral Care members, Katrina and I hold many of these people very dear to our hearts today and forever will. Leading the charge to repair Hamish’s bowels was Dr Sebastian King, a beautiful caring man that we gladly call a close friend.

After Hamish’s first round of major surgery we had some hope. A stoma would be placed on Hamish’s stomach to see if the digestive system could function as it should. Although watching him recover in the Butterfly ward at RCH as a parent is so indescribably hard, knowing that we had hope and the best possible care gave us some calmness. Over the next few weeks Hamish would have multiple pick lines inserted, be put under anaesthetic to have a central broviac line inserted, have naso-gastric tubes removed and re-inserted, undergo x rays with dye poured into each end to see how far it could get, have multiple blood transfusions and contract infections. During this whole period the bowel movement never progressed and it was decided that on the 19th March 2015 Hamish would undergo his second bout of major surgery. It was that night that Katrina and I found out nothing more could be done from a medical point of view for our beautiful boy, and the end had arrived.

I cannot explain the emotion we went through that night while we stayed with Hamish in the Butterfly ward’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). That emotion leaves behind a pain for us that never goes away, and one we don’t wish upon anyone. The following evening as the sun shone through our room’s window, Katrina and I cuddled Hamish so tightly as he drifted away to a world where he would be in no more pain, undergo no more surgery and be peaceful.

On Sunday March 22nd Katrina and I, along with fifty of our closest family and friends participated in the Good Friday Appeal’s Run4Kids event to show our love and support for the RCH and our boy. Many people donated through Hamish’s fundraising page and we were overwhelmed with the amount. We vowed to make it bigger and better each year. 

On February 3rd 2016 (note nearly exactly one year to date from Hamish’s birth) we welcomed a healthy baby sister to Hamish into the world. During this yet again tumultuous pregnancy, I had a feeling it was a boy and Katrina thought girl. As we would soon find out, Hamish has a gift to make things happen. And two weeks before Eva was born when I was out on a regular once a week drive to pick up dinner my decision changed as over the radio came the song “A little ray of sunshine” from Axiom. If you’ve heard the lyrics, you’ll know why my decision changed.

On March 20th 2016 (a bad date for obvious reasons for us), along with our closest family and friends we again participated in the Good Friday Appeal’s Run4Kids event. This time we had seventy people and were receiving more donations online. It was soon after Good Friday that Katrina and I found out through 'The RCH Foundation' we had raised a little over 11.5k to be directed towards Dr Sebastian King’s research project, working with kids that have been born with congenital anomalies of their gut. If you would like to know more about Sebastian's research work, please use the following link:


The RCH is an area that Katrina and I are passionate about raising money for, in the hope that one family doesn’t have to experience losing a child because of the same condition we have. This will take research and a lot of funds for it. That’s where we can all help.

To support this worthy cause and make a donation, click on the button below to our online fundraising page.

As a way of raising more funds for this, and in the spirit of improving health, Brad completed a half ironman event in November '17 with his good friend and long term fundraising supporter Ryan Duke. Watch this space for more to come.

Brad and Ryan after completing Shepparton Half Ironman

Brad and Ryan after completing Shepparton Half Ironman

Now, we are also not people who throw everything onto social media platforms (in fact we are very much learning these) so I won’t be flooding you all if you follow us on our facebook page or Instagram but I will be posting some photos as I train for events and compete so you can see who your supporting. Every cent donated through our online fundraising page goes directly to the RCH and we will keep our website and social media updated with how much this is.

Get on board and support a hospital that we are so lucky to have, with staff like Dr Sebastian King who‘s commitment and care to each patient and their families is extraordinary.

 Eva, Dr Sebastian King and Katrina

 Eva, Dr Sebastian King and Katrina